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March 4, 2024

How to audit google ads account

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Louis O'Neill

Co Founder & Head of Content

If you are trying to audit a Google ads account then I'll assume something has gone wrong or something is underperforming. In our experience we see these common areas that are usually underlooked that will help direct your attention these are:

  • % of top & absolute top impression - this will help determine how often your ads are being placed on the first page of google and the highest position 1-3.
  • logical breakdown of location bidding - it’s worth breaking down the locations either by state or city to get a better understanding of where your wasting budget
  • Bidding strategy - review your bidding strategy and you could be paying more than you should be.
  • Tracking - ensure your tracking is running actually the more data your google ads account has the more likely it’s algorithm will help you gain more conversions.
  • Keywords - ensure the keywords your bidding are the best suited and have the correct search intent associated with it for the product or service you're selling.
  • Conversion rate - if your conversion rate is lower than industry standard then it could be related to  plentiful of other symptoms (website, trust factors, product page etc)
  • Click through rate - if your click through rate is lower than industry standard it could also mean a variety of things your ad copy is not compelling enough or your ad copy is not relevant to the keyword your bidding on.

We find the following metrics will help you paint the story of the underlying symptoms which is causing your google ads to underperform.

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