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March 4, 2024

How can google ads help you achieve your business objectives

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Louis O'Neill

Co Founder & Head of Content

It really depends on your business goals your objectives will revolve around your business goals as an example:

  • Goal: Dominate the Australian market as leaders for legal software
  • Objective: Generate 10 opportunities for in house legal team in the Australian market with a 25% increase Quarter on quarter

So in this example, now that we know our objective we have to see how Google ads will help achieve this. When creating a campaign you’ll be shown a variety of campaign objectives.

For our objective since the focus is opportunities we want to drive Leads, so the leads will be the campaign objective in this example.

When it comes to your business however you need to first understand your objective from there reserve engineer how your going to achieve it, are you:

  • Trying to promote an app?
  • Generating awareness for your cafe or restaurant?
  • Are you so certain that your product is superior that your only focus is driving as much traffic to your store
  • You're an e-commerce store and the objective is to increase sales month on month?

Google ads can be an extremely powerful marketing, when being utilised efficiently to meet your business objectives weather its:

  • To generate sales
  • To generate leads
  • To drive awareness in the market
  • To help educate prospect in your funnel

Ultimately if you have an effective strategy & plan combined with the correct Google ads campaign objective you’ll be able to get closer to achieving your business objective.

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